Undergraduate Courses taught at Seattle Pacific University

  • University Foundations 1000: Christian Formation
  • University Foundations 2000: Christian Scripture
  • Scripture Gateway Course: Four Gospels, One Jesus
  • New Testament Texts Courses
  • Introduction to Christian Reconciliation (with Dr. Brenda Salter-McNeil)
  • Community Bible Study


Graduate Courses taught at Seattle Pacific Seminary

  • Bible I: Interpreting and Teaching Christian Scripture
  • Bible III: Introduction to the New Testament
  • Courses in Biblical Exegesis


Selected Online Resources

“Lectio Guided Reading” program hosted by the SPU Center for Biblical and Theological Education.

“Collaboration on Canon,” a three-part blog entry for Eerdmans Press, at Eerdword.com

“The Problem of Evangelical Biblical Illiteracy: A View from the Classroom.”  Modern Reformation, Jan./Feb. 2010, Vol.19 no.1, pp.10-13, 17

“Is Reconciliation Synonymous with Diversity?  Understanding our Differences at the Table of the Lord.” Response Magazine,Winter 2009, Vol.32 no.1

“Biblical Reconciliation: What the Scriptures Say About Loving ‘the Other’.”  Response Magazine, Winter 2009, Vol.32 no.1